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Increase Revenue for Tribal Clinics

If you have a tribal clinic on your reservation, you deserve to improve the wellness of your citizens and increase revenue, please see videos from Doctors below, thank you. Yes these doctors are currently using both FDA cleared units with successful reimbursement program. I thought you may wish to see this for using at your location or knowing about to assist others who have a need. NO out of pocket expense to implement. Yes these videos are with real doctors, not actors, using programs and boosting earnings with ease for their clinics, no up front costs to get started earning.

I hope you find the videos by these doctors using this program helpful.

If you wish to speak to Brandon,  CEO of services, on how average clinics nationally are getting both FDA cleared units at no up front costs and seeing revenue boosts over $10,000 a month,  per doctor, per location, please call Jennifer for booking times 608 403 7008.

Ask also for information if you wish to see how the new social media platforms are boosting ratings and findings on google with look ups for your doctors and clinics to boost patient feedback and increase new customers in the doors, our technology partners are doing some amazing things,  you can hear about it on the videos, what these 3 doctors think!!

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Dr. Porter

$11,000 Income This Month

Dr. Frandsen

Medical Director

Dr. Moulavi

Cardio Recommendation