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Increase Rev­enue for Trib­al Clin­ics

If you have a trib­al clin­ic on your reser­va­tion, you deserve to improve the well­ness of your cit­i­zens and increase rev­enue, please see videos from Doc­tors below, thank you. Yes these doc­tors are cur­rent­ly using both FDA cleared units with suc­cess­ful reim­burse­ment pro­gram. I thought you may wish to see this for using at your loca­tion or know­ing about to assist oth­ers who have a need. NO out of pock­et expense to imple­ment. Yes these videos are with real doc­tors, not actors, using pro­grams and boost­ing earn­ings with ease for their clin­ics, no up front costs to get start­ed earn­ing.

I hope you find the videos by these doc­tors using this pro­gram help­ful.

If you wish to speak to Bran­don,  CEO of ser­vices, on how aver­age clin­ics nation­al­ly are get­ting both FDA cleared units at no up front costs and see­ing rev­enue boosts over $10,000 a month,  per doc­tor, per loca­tion, please call Jen­nifer for book­ing times 608 403 7008.

Ask also for infor­ma­tion if you wish to see how the new social media plat­forms are boost­ing rat­ings and find­ings on google with look ups for your doc­tors and clin­ics to boost patient feed­back and increase new cus­tomers in the doors, our tech­nol­o­gy part­ners are doing some amaz­ing things,  you can hear about it on the videos, what these 3 doc­tors think!!

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Dr. Porter

$11,000 Income This Month

Dr. Frand­sen

Med­ical Direc­tor

Dr. Moulavi

Car­dio Rec­om­men­da­tion