Hap­py 4th of July

I can­not believe anoth­er July is here and spring is gone,  where did it go??

Ryder is now almost 4 years old on August 1st and I sure don’t know where those years went.

Mon­tel­lo Com­fort liv­ing assist­ed care home is up and run­ning along side the 4th  tax sav­ings and finan­cial suc­cess office in Wis­con­sin.  Lots to orga­nize and tidy up yet,  but thanks to many won­der­ful staff and con­trac­tors that were a bless­ing.

I have had some won­der­ful peo­ple pass away this past 12 months and I want­ed to say how sad I was that I knew of pro­grams to help their fam­i­lies more finan­cial­ly, espe­cial­ly in times of loss and we had not made the time to pro­vide those solu­tions to them.  So I hope you take time to review this email below,  your fam­i­ly deserves this infor­ma­tion.

Sum­mer MONTHLY INCOME infor­ma­tion update -  Yes its true our work has helped the Bad Riv­er Chippe­wa Tribe in Wis­con­sin,  earn about $20,000 added income each month vs their banks and bro­kers pay­ing them about $4,200 a year on the same funds.  What does that mean to you?  See the attached let­ter on their com­ments from account­ing man­ag­er.

Are you look­ing to earn more this sum­mer each month?  Yes we do offer a 9 month, 6% paid month­ly.  No long term tie up of your funds, no added fees, no mar­ket risk, yes 100% secured funds.  We have high­er earn­ing options also if desired, with short terms like 12, 18 and 24 months.

How about a 40% rate gain,  100% secured funds, NO mar­ket risk, NO man­aged fees.

10% per 12 months for 48 months, yes its for qual­i­fied funds and can be used inside your busi­ness­es 401k plan.  If your hop­ing to retire soon,  how would a 40% gain boost your retire­ment funds,  espe­cial­ly since your 401k is taxed uncle Sam wants his share.

Bonus -  if your pay­ing for life insur­ance and not get­ting FREE liv­ing ben­e­fits,  why not?

Its easy,  no added cost and usu­al­ly a sav­ing from your old rates your pay­ing with­out the added ben­e­fits of Liv­ing Ben­e­fits.  My wife, son and I have this bless­ing your fam­i­ly deserves it also.  Ask about the cheap ART plans,  my wife got an extra $1 mil­lion in cov­er­age for about $21 a month,  yes wow,  with liv­ing ben­e­fits.

Busi­ness own­ers if you need more tax deduc­tions,  tax deferred growth and tax free retire­ment income,  we can help you with that also,  includ­ing WOTC tax cred­its for each new employ­ee up to $9600.  If your not get­ting them,  why not,  boost your bot­tom line,  we can do this with easy tech­nol­o­gy.  We use it for our assist­ed care homes,  why aren’t you get­ting your fair share?

Hap­py 4th of July and don’t for­get — is your mon­ey work­ing as hard as you are?  What would an extra $500 or $1500 a month do to help?  See attached let­ter from Bad Riv­er account­ing man­ag­er on how the added funds have helped them over the past year.

If there was a bet­ter way to do some­thing,  would you rather know the first day or the last?

Sin­cere­ly hop­ing your enjoy­ing sum­mer with friends and fam­i­ly,

JT. McDon­ald